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Originally developed to flame the edges of thin granite building panels,
the JET STIK now has many uses- restoring the rough non-slip surface
on granite steps worn smooth by foot traffic, removing grafitti from
stone, making birdbaths, creating waterfalls, carving sculptures, and
small scale quarrying of granite.

The JET STIK, with its 5000 feet per second (1500 meters per second)
velocity flame, is unsurpassed in giving you the control, speed, and
versatility you need when surfacing, carving, and texturing stone.

Whether you are working with granite, sandstone, bluestone, dolomitic
limestone, or quartzite, the JET STIK will open up a world of new
opportunities for you. It is truly the ultimate stoneworking flame tool.
You can use your JET STIK to:
Put a non-skid surface on sawn granite
Restore steps that have become smooth and slippery with use
Make birdbaths
Create waterfalls
Carve sculptures
Flame edges on thin building panels
Thermal finish architectural panels
Build stone landscape features and Japanese gardens
Make custom sinks and interior design fixtures
Channel cut for small scale quarrying
The higher the quartz content of the stone, the faster the JET STIK works.
Always wear eye and hearing protection.

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